Your subconscious mind is a giant memory bank with an endless capacity to store every single experience you have ever had - even though you cannot consciously recall them all.  

In constant contact with your conscious mind, your subconscious uses past experiences to guide your interpretation and meaning of current interactions and experiences.

This is how you form your core beliefs, understanding of the world and your 'automatic' reactions to it. Negative experiences in life lead the subconscious to warn of danger to your conscious mind whenever similar circumstances are detected - such as in relationships, contact with particular objects or tasks and some social interactions.  This leads to learned behaviours such as avoidance, trust issues and phobias.  Your fight or flight response can be triggered even when logically you know this is wrong, but your subconscious believes it to be necessary and alone it is very difficult to fight against something that feels so instinctive.  Ideally this system enables you to understand the world, interact and live productively and keep yourself safe.  Unfortunately sometimes this results in disruptive learned behaviours which make us unhappy, and develop into general or specific anxiety.

Your brain is never off duty - it is constantly processing information around you and interpreting it without your awareness of it.  Learned behaviours that your subconscious has enabled can be imagined as similar to riding a bike - you learnt this at some time and now ride and never forget how, but you cannot explain how you know - its just there.   

Similarly, you have a reward system which releases dopamine - a substance that promotes a feeling of well-being and happiness - when you experience particular things.  With addiction and habits like smoking and comfort eating, your reward system has learnt to recognise them as positive behaviours.

Your subconscious recognises 'triggers' which prompt you to experience cravings such as an ashtray for cigarettes or the colour purple for chocolate (Cadbury) and these subconscious thought patterns can be unhelpful when trying to change a particular behaviour like this.

Crucially and amazingly, the only thing getting between you and your hopes, aims, dreams and potential is your brain.  All of this is changeable and I am so passionate about helping you learn to harness this amazing power that you have and help you find the person you don't even realise is there yet.  You are more than who you currently are, and whatever has brought you to this page I can promise that together we can make a difference.  I can help you to gain access to and retrain your brain by using various therapies and techniques either independantly or to compliment each other.

You have control.  You hold the power, and together we can unlock it.