Snowflakes - a mental health Non-for-profit education project for Youngsters - juniors, seniors and teens

Massive whopping huge thank you to the Mayor of Maidstone Cllr David Naghi for all his support this year and for raising £1500 for Snowflakes over his time representing Maidstone.. we are so grateful thank you so so much :)

Snowflakes is a Sunday run workshop style club for children of all ages. We currently hold a juniors and a seniors group which alternate fortnightly for children between 4 and 11/12 years of age and weekly separate teen boy and teen girl groups. Sessions are aimed at developing social skills, confidence, awareness of difference and celebration of strengths, mental health awareness and skills to help build a solid foundation for good mental health care and resilience throughout life.  As adults we know how stressful life can be, and how easily we can become overworked, feel pressured and not take care of ourselves.  Skills taught at this early stage in life will be invaluable for later life.


Snowflakes is run weekly from David Lloyd in Maidstone. Children are charged a minimal £3.50 per session purely to cover costs and enable our project to run. We are experienced professionals and give this time for free to help support the youngsters in our community.

You can see more details and ideas of what we get up to at our facebook page @snowflakesmaidstone