Snowflakes - a mental health education project for kids


Snowflakes is a weekly run workshop style club for primary school aged children aimed at developing mental health awareness and skills to help build a solid foundation for good mental health care throughout life.  As adults we know how stressful life can be, and how easily we can become overworked, feel pressured and not take care of ourselves.  Skills taught at this early stage in life will be invaluable for later life.

Snowflakes is run weekly from David Lloyd in Maidstone in eight week blocks.  Each session in the block focuses on a different skill or understanding.  Children may join at anytime and join us for the next 8 consecutive sessions.  They will receive their own Snowflakes folder to keep work and information they complete in.  Children are charged a minimal £3 per session purely to cover costs.  Children have the option of further help if they have specific difficulties.

Snowflakes runs periodic parent workshops at various times focusing on particular areas of difficulty or support.  These are posted on our Facebook page @snowflakesmnt


Small things for a grown up.. big worries to a child

Children are so often concerned with small worries that can feel overwhelming and confusing.  This need not be the case, and with nurturing and teaching of how to manage worries and let them go, children can feel more in control and reassured.  This is especially true for sensitive children who seem to worry about anything and everything.  At Snowflakes we look at not only helping the child better cope with worries, but also support care givers in helping their child at home.


Learning to relax for little people

Children are naturally bouncy and adventurous where relaxing does not necessarily come naturally.  As adults we know how hard it can be to calm down and relax, so learning these skills now will help children pace themselves as they grow, relax and give their body much needed rest and cope better with difficult situations.


Making friends with emotions

It sounds obvious but to children, the world of emotions is a complex and confusing place at times.  Anger for example can be overwhelming resulting in destructive behaviour that is as upsetting to the child as it is to those around them.  Understanding why we need fear and how to respond to it removes the intensity of the feeling and helps prevent anxiety snowballing.  An understanding of emotions is explored with children and what they mean to each individual, encouraging a growing awareness of themselves.


Building self esteem

Recognising their own strengths and achievements is crucial to healthy self esteem, which in a pressurised academic environment can be overlooked by many children.  Snowflakes aims to encourage children to embrace their individuality and the strengths and talents that make them special, so they can believe in themselves and reach for the stars.