It's all about making the pieces fit.

Psychotherapy is a type of talking therapy, where you are free to open up and explore your feelings and worries in a safe and comfortable environment without fear of being judged...

Life is a journey in which we are constantly learning and growing.  Along the road we all encounter difficulties and need a bit of help to find our way through.  Whether it's a traumatic life event or long term anxiety struggles, psychotherapy can help you understand yourself and your thoughts and feelings.  Together we can explore these issues and find ways of dealing with them.  You do not have to cope alone.

Along the journey we can help you gain insight and understanding into how your mind works and reasons why we don't always handle stress well in our lives.  We can help you find, learn and implement strategies to better help you control the pressures of life in a complicated and fast moving world.

We have experience of combining psychotherapy with CBT and relaxation therapy which enhances the power of treatment but what techniques we use are always your choice and we can discuss this at your assessment. 

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