My son has been having real difficulties with going to school resulting in panic attacks and anger. I was at a loss as to how to help him and his distress was impacting the whole family. I found Marcus Niblett & Suzanne therapies through an internet search and as soon as we spoke I felt an instant sense of relief. They reassured me that they could help us and we have felt supported every step. Marcus and Clairey have listened to my concerns and worries and have provided a really personal tailor made approach to our needs. I am so pleased to have their care and support at this difficult time.
— Sarah

Your child is not alone,.. and neither are you


Seeing your child struggling or unhappy is one of the most difficult things to cope with as a parent.  All we want is for our child to be carefree, happy and enjoy growing up and when this isn't happening it's easy to feel guilty and reflect on ourselves.  However the fact is that children are growing up in an increasingly high pressured and fast paced environment which naturally puts them vulnerable to anxiety.  Even with all your best efforts and hard work you may feel at a loss and helpless when your child continues to struggle.

The good news is so many struggles children have can be easily addressed with the right support and guidance. We take a family-centered approach where we support you in the process of helping your child just as much as we support your child.  Through our group sessions we teach vital skills and arm your child with the knowledge and understanding they need to combat difficulties and build resilience. They will come home with new a focus and task each week to do with you so you can tackle these obstacles together. We are passionate about giving children the best chance in life and giving parents and caregivers the help and guidance they need to enhance family life and enjoy these precious times.