Achieve your perfect weight and learn to maintain it.

Through the use of Advanced Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Counseling and the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Marcus can help you to change the way think about food. The therapy can help you to effortlessly lose weight, stay in full control of your eating habits and eventually become the size and shape that you desire. 

Using Marcus’ unique blend of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy he will help your change your relationship with food by accessing your unconscious mind. This part of your mind holds all your subconscious beliefs about food, associations and habitual eating patterns. By accessing these areas Marcus is able to help you make changes deep down in ways you simply would not be able to do without hypnosis. 

Marcus works closely with David Lloyd Maidstone and throughout this treatment encourages you to practice a healthier lifestyle to supplement the treatment. With weight loss programmes Marcus can offer you a 3-day trial at David Lloyd Maidstone to encourage permanent change. 

Throughout the process Marcus will also help you to feel physically relaxed and calm which will lead to you feeling more confident about yourself. 

The results Marcus can achieve are long lasting and more importantly quick working, to benefit from the services Marcus can provide please get in contact to book an appointment.