If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid - Albert Einstein

I love coming here! Marcus helps me feel better about going to school. We play games and I always beat him! I love being there because I feel peaceful and calm
— Leo

Engaging… creative… fun

We have found our services to be under increasingly high demand and the work we are doing with each child is very similar. Therefore to maximise the number of children we can see and to make our services as affordable as possible for parents, we have replaced our 1:1 therapy with groups for children which take place after school. Each group has a minimum of 4 children, is £10 per session and is focused on either anger of anxiety. We will meet with you and your child to discuss the current difficulties and advise you of the best group for your child. Each block is 6 sessions long and the lovely part about the group is that children recognise that many of their peers are feeling the same, and this reduces the feeling of being the only one finding things tough. We also run Snowflakes as a general mental health support for children which you can find more information about through following the link in the menu.

Anxiety and worries in children have become increasingly common but needn't be the uphill battle it often feels to be.  We passionately believe the education system is placing children under relentless pressure and judgement whilst focusing too much on areas of weakness and not enough on individuality, creativity and strengths. Teachers work tirelessly to encourage and support our children but are limited by the expectations placed on them and we work wherever we can in schools to help manage the growing anxiety and inadequacy felt by too many children.

Anxiety shows itself in various ways including anger and frustration, so its easy for it to go undetected.  At our clinic we work with children in fun ways which engage them, capture their imagination and give them a safe space to explore their feelings.  We use various techniques to help children learn about the difficulties they are having and most importantly how to overcome then.  Most importantly we encompass the idea that we are all unique and incredible in our own ways, and so help the child identify their own strengths and special qualities and use these to overcome problems and grow.  

Chuckles - The Chimp Analogy

A central part of our clinic for everyone we see including adults is the chimp analogy which helps us understand the emotional side of thinking.  When we are frightened, angry or upset our chimp jumps out his box and runs round our heads causing mayhem and when hes calmed down he gets back in but we can feel sad.  Chuckles is our therapy chimp used in these groups and in Snowflakes, and all children are given a mini chuckles that they are encouraged to name and can decorate and make a home for him to live in.  This helps a child engage and understand how their mind works and then we can work on dealing with the difficulties.  

The Therapeutic Children's Area