Through the eyes of a child

Children's therapy is family-centered and requires us to work closely together to ensure the maximum benefit is experienced by the child...

I have worked with many children, particularly addressing anxiety which can arise for all sorts of reasons.  Therapy is invaluable when these difficulties arise in a child's life as too often if left they can escalate to deep rooted emotional problems in adulthood.  

The structure of my therapy sessions involves using activities such as drawing and storytelling for five or ten minutes at a time before switching.  As most children have difficulty concentrating for long periods this helps maintain their interest.  I use videos playing in the background as a soundboard which they can play with if they wish.  This is all based on the fact that the more we can stimulate their minds, the more we can hold their concentration and the deeper the thoughts and changes we are trying to make through therapy will go into their subconscious.

Crucially therapy must include the family - I have on average an hour a week with your child but their biggest influence is their family who they spend the rest of the week with.  I will work closely with you to develop techniques and strategies, as well as discuss tasks your child needs to work on before the next session, and with your support we can make the most positive difference to your child. I typically spend 40 minutes working with the child and the final 20 with the family.

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