Who are we?



I developed a love for people and mental health following a difficult period in my life which changed my perspective on life. It left me with a passion to help people get where they want to be, reach their potential and most importantly feel less alone on these personal journeys which can feel so frightening and endless at times. I completely changed my career path, retrained and here I am doing a job I love. With help and support I learnt we can get through these challenging times, and I want to share your journey with you and help you get to where you want to be.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I have worked in various clinics including Harley Street London alongside my own practice. Additionally I have been invited into schools delivering motivational teaching to harness self belief, confidence and recognise that we can take control of our thoughts and therefore our future. I have worked with the council providing support for front line staff and within doctors surgeries offering stress management and relaxation techniques to NHS staff.

I have successfully treated many clients for everything from smoking, weight loss and phobias to depression, anxiety and family breakdown and have worked at inpatient clinics for alcohol dependency, eating disorders and breakdowns. I maintain contact with clients offering future support if or when someone needs it and prefer to think of my service as a support for life that people feel they can turn back to at other times of difficulty. No one should ever feel alone.


I have had a love for people my whole life including an interest in psychology that I have pursued from an early age. I am a member of the BPS, have a BSc Psychology (Hons) and am in my final year of my MSc in mental health science. I believe passionately that mental health is massively under valued and therapy should be as routine for people as going to the doctors and mental health skills should be taught in schools as essentially as maths and English.

I have home schooled my two children when both struggled to cope emotionally in the current education system - my youngest has autism and over the years I have developed strategies and support for him which have seen him exceed everyone’s expectations. I have worked within support groups helping other parents develop systems and tools to support their child. I have completed courses in autism and child psychology and believe every child is incredibly special and can learn but not necessarily how we teach and it is crucial to think outside the box.

I have understanding and experience with brain injury, dementia and have completed training courses that have enabled me to support carers.

The Practice

Our practice is based within David Lloyd Maidstone in a separated part of the building with its own waiting area to allow privacy for our clients.  Our waiting area and clinic has recently been refurbished to give a fresh relaxing and secure environment for clients.  Our hope is for your visits to us to be just about you - when you come through the door the outside world can wait and we focus on your feelings, hopes and struggles.