Lay back.. deep breath.. let go.. revitalise

Tired and living off stress and nervous energy?  Relaxation therapy has the ability to calm the anxious part of the brain, allowing us to go to the logical part which automatically takes back control.  20 minutes of this kind of therapy is believed to have similar refreshing benefits to 8 hours of light sleep

I offer a 30 minute relaxation session which is mainly a build up to hypnotherapy but can be given as a standalone session.  I use particular sound tracks while I talk you through steps of relaxation and a journey where you will feel free and light.  

I use a reclining chair that has speakers and vibration equipment installed.  There is always the option of neck pillows, cushions, blankets and foot stool so you may get into whatever position is comfortable for you.  

I have made various audio's which you can purchase here which you can use to repeat the session in your own home, once your brain has experienced and learnt from the actual sessions.

I would love to show you the benefits of this kind of therapy on your overall well-being so if you