Lay back.. deep breath.. let go.. revitalise

Tired and living off stress and nervous energy?  Relaxation therapy - as the ultimate form of mindfulness - has the ability to calm the anxious part of the brain, allowing us to go to the logical part which automatically takes back control.  20 minutes of this kind of therapy is believed to have similar refreshing benefits to 8 hours of light sleep

Relaxation therapy is indeed the ultimate experience in mindfulness and a technique we use in combination to psychotherapy to enable deep reflection and letting go of difficult feelings.  Learning how to relax is an incredible tool to have in your wellbeing toolbox and something you can continue to practice at home with the audio supplied during treatment.    

In the fast paced, high pressured world we live in, many people who come to us initially feel certain they will not relax well, however these are often the people who relax the most and are not only surprised but describe it as a life changer.  Many people also feel nervous and unsure what to expect, so again if this is you then you are not alone. 

The experience itself is nothing more than you sitting back in a reclining chair, closing your eyes and listening to my voice - nothing else is required.  Speakers and vibration equipment are installed in the chair itself and there is the option of neck pillows, cushions, blankets and foot stool so you can make yourself as comfortable as possible.    

Practicing mindfulness is various forms is hugely beneficial to the mind - giving it well needed mini breaks.  Imagine how refreshed you would feel if you could take regular weekend getaways and recharge your batteries!  Well this is what mindfulness is, and relaxation in this form is the ultimate experience which when included in the other therapies provided, maximise the ability to process and manage feelings and difficulties.

This therapy is included in the cost of all treatments but is not an essential component.