Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can help you achieve your goals.

"Our minds are the most powerful and complicated thing on this planet and with help we can use this incredible power to change our habits, our way of thinking and our lives for the better."  Marcus Niblett 

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About Marcus Niblett

Marcus Niblett is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and counsellor who is an affiliated member of The Royal College of Nursing, The Counseling Society MCS (Acc) and The Hypnotherapy Society (LHS).
Marcus’ calm and relaxed manner puts clients immediately at ease and his experience of combining psychotherapy and hypnotherapy achieves incredible results and has been proven to help with all manor of conditions.


Audio Downloads

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We offer a range of services and can treat almost any problem along with audio downloads. 

Newly available is the Relaxation Programme, a 30 minute relaxation session ready to download as a digital download.

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Our Practice Rooms

Our Practise rooms are based within David Lloyd Maidstone. The bespoke designed rooms offer a calm and relaxed atmosphere to offer you perfect environment to absorb your treatment. 

Our practice rooms within David Lloyd Maidstone are an independent space accessible directly through the main reception. The fully furnished treatment rooms is sound proofed and has built in Bose sound 
systems to produce ambient noise or specifically required soundtracks.

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